“When I first started the 6 week transformation contest I was most nervous about the nutrition portion. I was very afraid that I wouldn’t be able to consistently eat healthier or that I would be extremely bored making the same foods over and over again and completely fall off the wagon.  My accountability coach, Trevor, helped me so much along the way.  I was constantly emailing him with questions and issues, and he was a huge support throughout the six weeks and beyond. I know I would not have been as successful if it wasn’t for him and the encouragement of the other coaches. I have been going in to workout for several months, and love that it’s such a welcoming and friendly environment.  It really feels more like a family than a typical gym.  I know they care about me and all of their clients.  They know how to push me harder than I could ever do on my own, and I’ve become much stronger both physically and mentally because of them.” -Dorothy Such

“I look forward to going to this gym each and every workout.  From the day I joined this facility a year ago – the staff  has treated me like I have been a member for years.  Although I could go on and on – my 5 top highlights:
1) Even though I participate in the group training – the staff gives great one-on-one attention starting from the initial abilities assessment all the way to  getting to know you & your personal goals.  They are always available to discuss and recommend approaches for your particular situation whether it be how to alter a workout due to an injury, reviewing menus to recommend the best dinner options, preparing home/travel workouts, etc.  Whatever your challenge or question – this group does whatever they can to help you succeed.
2) Everyday you come in you will get a solid workout.  The best part – everyday is different!  I love the variety and the way the workouts hit all different parts of the body.
3)They provide a full and realistic approach to healthy living.
4) Even as the gym has continued to grow – it remains an incredibly welcoming and motivating environment.  Everyone knows each other and encourages one another – really like a gym “family.”  When new people join – everyone is so friendly and brings the newcomer into the fold.
5) A focus beyond just the workouts:  the facility plans group activities which are always a blast and allows members/trainers to hang out beyond just the workouts.  Some recent activities includes: participating in a 5K Mud obstacle course, charity event at a food bank, facility picnic and educational session on  resistance band workouts.” -Laura Surowicz

“Deciding to do the 6 week challenge was the best decision I could have ever made. The coaches are so dedicated to each and every person that enters their gym.  They are all extremely educated in fitness/exercise and nutrition and make “getting healthy” so much fun!  Even in group training, they personalize the work out to your ability and really care about people as individuals.  I have never felt so strong and healthy and it shows in my results! I am so happy that I chose to do the 6 week challenge and cannot wait to continue!! Thank you guys for everything!!” -Leah Droze

“I have joined many health clubs/gyms over the years with little success.  I would join and not go, go and get a minimal work-out or go to classes and leave unsure if I was doing things right. I have seen success due in part to having a work-outs specially designed with modifications to meet the members levels, great trainers who advise and correct me if I am doing something wrong and advance flexible scheduling which ensures I attend.  The coaches are all very friendly, accommodating and knowledgeable.  The classes are fun, physically demanding and the environment is very friendly.  They go above and beyond, for example, I broke my foot and was limited to sitting exercises for a couple months.  They put together a special program just for me!” -Laura Cohen 

“This place is awesome and I highly recommend it.  I have been coming here for about 5 months and it continues to be challenging, exciting and new. There’s always different exercises that the instructors have you try that keeps the class interesting.  The instructors are encouraging, engaged and will work with you to achieve your fitness goals. They are always receptive to your concerns and work with you during your workout to ensure you are doing them correctly and reduce the possibility of injury. This is a great place to workout!!” -Karl Grom

“My son and I been a part of the gym for about 1 year, and we love it! From the time we joined, the coaches have made working out fun. I used to dread going to the gym, but their knowledgeable and caring training approach makes it very motivating.  They focus on really understanding your goals, your individual fitness level, or in my case, lack of fitness level :), and providing the tools to help you be successful. I have watched as their gym has grown and no matter how big they get, they always make you feel important and like family.  Aside from all the classes they offer, they have planned several group activities outside of the gym, they give back to the community, and they even attended some of my son’s soccer games. This has been their biggest differentiator, for me.  They care about you as a person, not just as a client.  I’ve referred several friends who also love these guys, but the best part of all has been watching my 10 year old son develop a love for fitness. Thanks for that guys!   Check them out, you won’t regret it!”  -Jelly Prado

“Great meeting place. Fun trainers focused on your well being and athletic development. Daily sessions work well around my work schedule and the staff is very accomodating. Fitness challenges, monthly workout updates, and nutrition counseling helps me stay motivated and push harder than when I was in my 20s. I’m a 40 year old with a spirit to never quit.”  -Jeff Sing

“I never knew it would be so fun to work out. The caoches make you feel comfortable yet challenge your work outs. They teach and correct your form while working out and also educate you on nutrition. I joined the club over six months ago and it has changed my life for the better. My blood pressure, cholesterol, and pulse has gone down. I have more energy, I am stronger, lost weight and basically I am healthier!” -Debbie Zinkel

“This place is amazing! The caoches make working out fun. They really get to know everyone and make it very personal. They are so supportive and encouraging. I’ve been a member for almost a year and wouldn’t workout anywhere else!”  -Anjali Grancorvitz

“Love this place. I finally got back into taking care of myself and found this amazing gym.  Their classes are challenging and fun. I like the laid back causal atmosphere of the place.  Everyone in class is there for the same reasons, to get healthy and strong!! I’ve been a member for five months and I can say I feel better about myself. I have more energy to get me through my day with two very energetic kids. My lower back pain is gone from strengthening my core and my body is becoming stronger and toned.”  –Michelle Miles

“I started working out at the gym back in December.  The coaches did a little test on me and I found out that I have ankle and hamstring problems that I needed to fix.  They catered the workouts to my personal weight-loss goals, and I’ve already lost 5# in a few weeks.  The classes are fun, and I always feel really great after the workout.  These guys truly know how to motivate and help you workout.  And they also will help you with nutritional advice as well.  I’ve tried working out on my own, I’ve tried dieting on my own….neither of these things worked. They are the real deal.  My only complaint is that back in December the heat was not on that high, so it was a little chilly in the gym…but it looks like they fixed that now.”  -Nick Johnson

“I have been training for about 6 weeks now and every time I complete a workout I feel so great and refreshed (but slightly exhausted)! Trevor is such a great trainer and knows so much about how the body works and how your body should look and feel during each training session. I trust Trevor 100% and have enjoyed learning something new about my body and have been so excited to see the new things I can do each time I train. My favorite thing about the training sessions is that each day is different and when we finish a month the sessions and workouts change. I love that it isn’t the same thing over and over again. Get off your boring treadmill and come train in a super fun group setting!” -Lauren Hines

“I’m a huge fan of this facility. I have been an athlete forever, but have never gotten into working out because I get bored and don’t see huge gains from it. Well I feel huge gains from working out here and have enjoyed myself while doing it. I have already increased my flexibility significantly in only a number of weeks and can feel myself getting stronger. I love working out with friends and my wife and really enjoy the group training sessions. I’m excited to continue to make progress and do even more specific exercises for my personal goals.” -Jacob Hines

“This facility’s program has helped me lose 5% body fat in just 6 weeks. So happy with my results! It’s really geared toward your wants and needs.” -Bree Zinkel


“Super fun atmosphere here! Whether we are working out to Disney classics or Imagine Dragons – the group is usually having fun and working hard. The workouts are a quick 40 minutes and you leave feeling accomplished and exhausted. Trevor is a great trainer; patient, encouraging, and positive. They set you up here for success!!”  -Lauren Hutcheons

“This is the most unique, unconventional, well educated, fun, exciting, drama free training, I have ever encountered. I look forward to working out, I am shocked how fast the time flies and I am done. I have Never enjoyed or looked forward to working out. For the first time ever, I can’t wait!!! So for everyone who may be debating about the same old places, I guarantee this will be your one and only place to see all the “latest” equipment, not boring, no hum drum, no WOW do you have a lot to lose attitude. The young men that own this and train, are by far highly educated, completely non-judgmental, knowledgeable and very professional!” -Judy Allness

“I worked one on one with Trevor for many months working on many different problem area’s that I had been trying to change for years. As a mother of two in the 50+ category Trevor made customized daily work outs to help me tone, define, and achieve lean mussel in placed I never thought possible. If you are in search of a personable & dedicated group of young men to help you achieve your personal fitness goals “Game Changing Performance” is the only place to go!”  -Paula Lohrmann

“I had been searching for an affordable group workout program for a long time before I stumbled upon their program. The team here provides small group, circuit training, while also taking the time to individualize each session to meet your individual needs and personal goals. Before my 21 days were up, I decided to sign up for a year of classes. These guys know their stuff and provide way more than just group exercise.–nutrition, at home workout options and promote continuous improvement.” -Mary Margaret 

“This may be my first impression but I have a strong feeling that moving forward it’s going to be 5 STARS all the way! Just had my FMS evaluation last night and I’m excited to be moving forward with a new exercise regiment for this 50+ body! Feeling like a 25 year old, mentally right now, (so psyched!) and looking forward to coming close to feeling like one physically! — these guys seem really dedicated to their clients (family like atmosphere) and they’re extremely knowledgable! They’re “huggers” too, just like me! LOVE IT!”  -Denise Gaulin 

“I joined about two weeks ago and just signed up for a full year of training! I love the one on one personal training and the customized workout plan to help me need my goals. Highly recommend!!” -Laura Castillo

“Athletic revolution is awesome! You never feel like your work out is a chore. Its fun and I always look forward to going.”  -Jami Raymond


“These guys are the real thing. I have experienced multiple group trainings and no one compares to these guys. They have an assessment they do with you before you become a client that makes so much sense. It allows them to know more about you personally and helps them keep everyone safe during the group training. They follow up with you and they keep their commitment and promises to you. They have a lot of knowledge in the area of nutrition as well. Believe me when I say they are different and they are well worth the time and money. Since being with them I understand nutrition a lot better and am in better shape overall. These guys are the real deal!”  -Michelle Hollingsworth


When I first joined the January Transformation Challenge, I was just looking to try and jump start my weight loss.  What I got was so much more.  The unwavering support, nutritional guidance and dynamically personalized workouts have not only helped to transform my body, but also my mind.  Everyone at the gym not only wants you to be successful, but they make it their personal goal that you are.  The coaches friendly and down to earth personalities made me feel instantly welcome and comfortable at the gym.  I am continually amazed at both the breadth and depth of knowledge that the coaches bring to the training room.  It is evident in all that this team does, that their passion and dedication to each client’s success is what drives them.  When the Transformation Challenge ended, there was no doubt in my mind that I would continue on.  I had amazing results working with the team during the challenge, and now I can’t wait to see how else my body, mind and overall health will change working with them long term. Wendy

I like the attention to detail. Even though this is a group training program, the coaches are aware of each person’s level and needs and they modify the routines accordingly. I enjoy receiving personalized advice on eating habits. The coaches are great and they always have a positive attitude which is contagious. -Leticia

As someone who recently moved and was in search of a new gym convenient to work and home, I was pleasantly surprised at the comprehensiveness of the programming.  I have somewhat consistently been a ‘gym rat’ for years and was afraid of the limitations of the hours and sessions a new gym could offer.  However, the approachability of trainers and willingness to create additional morning classes was great.  I have never been someone who takes classes and preferred to work out on my own but this program has proved to me they can be beneficial.  By far, however, the best part of their programming is the dietary guidance they have provided.  In a six week challenge, they provided me with a good outline of foods to eat and met my dietary restrictions (vegetarian) willingly. They even understood that I think fish oil is disgusting and couldn’t do it! In six weeks, I lost 14 lbs and felt excited to continue my journey toward a healthier me. -Karin

The folks here are really great. They take a very scientific approach to fitness and training, and really know their stuff. I needed the boost of competition to spur me to finally get off the couch and with their help I made great progress in a short amount of time. The workouts were pretty tough in the beginning, but it was worth it. Class size was always small enough to allow for individual attention and modifications to address your own limitations and provide custom feedback. I highly recommend these guys! -Tim Johnston

Thank you so much again – I am honestly forever grateful for finding you guys and the fact that you stopped at nothing to help me reach my goals.  I can’t even begin to explain or express what it means to me.  Excited for the goals ahead! -Mia Cipperoni

“This is the 1st gym I have lasted more than 2 weeks. I am never bored with the workouts because they introduce different routines all the time. This program has everything I have been looking for in a gym – personalized training in a group setting, fun and challenging exercises, work out buddies and accountability.  Their support during the 30-day challenge was a life changer for me. I almost quit after day 2 but I persevered with support and encouragement. I am the healthiest and strongest me I have ever been in my life.”Patty

………More to come 🙂