GCP YouthFit

YouthFit is for ages 8-13 years old. The program is for athletes who are quite ready for weights, athletes that have movement issues, and general fitness.

We maintain a very open, experiential-style of learning-through-doing, but add an element of complexity by beginning the process of dedicated instruction of both

Lifting and Movement.

It is within this phase that we must begin the process of external loading:

(1) Using Low Volume, Low Load

(2) Incorporating Both Free-Play as Well as Critical Instruction

(3) Involving Skill Sets or Other ‘Like’ Habitual Lessons

Example of a session looks like this:

4-4:10- Fitness game for warmup (ultimate football, basketball, tag, etc.)

4:10-4:20- Technique work, proper lifting, working through strength progressions, and speed/agility technique

4:20-4:30- Strength work, speed work, power work, conditioning

Current Pricing is $65/month for our 2 day week program.